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smbd won't start

Posted: 2007/04/18 05:13:53
by mitasol

Running Centos 4.4 samba and winbind.

smbd will not start, says startup failed - winbind is happy - I can wbinfo -t with no problems, wbinfo -u is fine, I just can't start smbd. nmbd starts ok. The smbd.log file has nothing but started messages. Is there anywhere else I can look or a verbose option so I can see why it isn't starting?


Re: smbd won't start

Posted: 2007/04/27 05:53:31
by reduxiam
is it starting at startup?.if it is not starting at startup open ntsycv and enable it.

Re: smbd won't start

Posted: 2007/05/03 05:12:47
by yyagol
To see if any service is running just run the command as root
where XXX is the name of the service (smbd,httpd,sshd.....)

[code]# service XXX status[/code]

Re: smbd won't start

Posted: 2007/05/04 19:12:05
by michaelnel
One technique I often find useful is to run those init scripts in bash's debug / verbose mode.

So, instead of doing "service smbd start", do "sh -x /etc/init.d/smbd start". This causes the script to echo everything it does to stdout, and you can often then spot what isn't working right or what failed. Mind you, the output is very verbose, but it's useful nonetheless.