mounting home directories

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mounting home directories

Post by meroh » 2007/03/07 03:38:41

I am very new to Linux/unix. Our unix admin quit and I was left to pick up where he left off.. Can anyone help??

Here's my problem:

I am running CentOS 4.4 on an X4100. The OS is installed and ready. I need to figure out how to allow users to log in and have their home directories auto mount from a differnt server. I believe I have the ldap configured properly. Root is the only one that can ssh in, all other users have access to ssh in, but cannot, error su: /usr/bin/csh: No such file or directory

My first question is what is the order in which to configure CentOS for users to log in? Which files need to be configured and in what order? I am having problems finding the right documentation.

Can anyone help me??


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Re: mounting home directories

Post by Greenman » 2007/03/08 12:39:44

Hi Meroh:

I dont know a short way of doing this as I am still a Linux Newbie but as far as I know it depends on your Users machines , if your users are WIndows clients , or Unix/Linux clients in all casses SAMBA server is a good place to start and read about the file fstab which is located under the Directory /etc to automount your users home dir.

Look through this document about adding users and groups on your system as you should do this before configuring SAMBA


Let me know if these tips and articles are useful and if they helped

Best Regards


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Re: mounting home directories

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/03/08 14:38:23

Start by fixing the user shell accounts. Either change the shells from /usr/bin/csh to /bin/bash or *if* you have /bin/csh just run "ln -s /bin/csh /usr/bin/" as root.

If you are new to Linux, you may want to look into the GUI help aides. As root, run "yum install system-config-samba" (assuming the user's are running windows). Then start that program (system-config-samba). There is help in the GUI. Otherwise, you could try samba-swat "yum install samba-swat". But, google *will* be your friend I bet.

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