POPTOP/PPTPD Frozen connections

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POPTOP/PPTPD Frozen connections

Post by oracler » 2007/02/08 18:22:37

Hello People, i searched on everywhere and no one answered my question...

i think here someone will be able to help me...

i'm network administrator, and i started using poptop under centos to connect my clients with dinamic ips to them networks.

some stations get them connections freezed but if i look on ifconfig they are still there, but no ping and no answer..
i have remote servers so i have to give static ip address to them so when their connection drop the windoze machines reconnect automatically, but the old connection dont drop from ppp...
they just drop if i go manually and kill its process or service pptpd restart-kill.

it's like a frozen connection, or clone i dont know..

i want to pptpd kills it automatically...

my box is running with the new stable version of poptop and authenticating on chap-secrets.

Do you have a solution for this?
or another vpn client that work with windoze machines and dinamic adresses?

thank you very much!

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Re: POPTOP/PPTPD Frozen connections

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/02/08 19:33:29

I can only comment on the question for OTHER VPN clients... Use OpenVPN from http://openvpn.net/
Good setup instructions alot of options, NAT traversal, SSL encryption, windoze clients etc.

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Re: POPTOP/PPTPD Frozen connections

Post by minime » 2007/07/31 05:35:42

Ill go one better, upon setting up and following online documentation as to setup, when a client connects it locks the server solid. Not just the pptpd server, the whole machine.

Using current version centos5 updated ppp, current pptpd.

From what im guessing its an mppe module prob as it appears to connect client and precicely after confirming mppe 128 encryption, its all over.

I tried to use open vpn but cant even get past the first stage of generating keys using the supplied scripts but they do not work. The simple pptpd is all I really need but im running out of hair!

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Re: POPTOP/PPTPD Frozen connections

Post by minime » 2007/08/01 01:16:33

Update : It is most definately something to do with the encryption, when disabled, client connects without locking system.
this system is the stock centos5 install 64bit version with updated as listed above. all firewalling etc disabled during testing.
I cant seem to find any refence to system hang regarding mppe and pptpd so I can only gather it must be me :(
any help with this would be appreciated, Or any help regarding key generation probs with openvpn as listed in last post.


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POPTOP/PPTPD Frozen connections

Post by arrfab » 2007/08/13 14:03:47

You'll find the following link interesting : http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=2076

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