Forwarding local mail from one box to another

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Forwarding local mail from one box to another

Post by veeshooter » 2007/02/01 22:09:24

I will first admit that this is not specifically a CentOS difficulty but rather a sendmail config thing (I think) but I'm running CentOS 4.4 on the box and that could have some bearing ?

In any case, what I want to do is forward some user mail directly from the CentOS machine to the old Fedora Core 1 machine beside it. The mail is received fax images and it would be faster to transfer them directly to the neighboring box rather than going out to the ISP's mailbox and having fetchmail on the Fedora box drag them back down. Currently sendmail on both machines is set up with smart_host pointing to the ISP.

I thought I could simply direct the CentOS's smart_host sendmail setting to point to the Fedora box but that resulted in a lot of unhappiness going on in both boxes.

So I am wondering if there is some advise or a pointer to some how-to about the best way to accomplish what I would like to do short of buying and reading the [url=]sendmail tome[/url].

The CentOS box is up to date but the Fedora box was only updated to the point where Fedora Core 1 updates ended. Eventually it too will become CentOS!


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