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Open SSL

Post by shinyo21 » 2007/01/29 03:31:36

Hi I am newbie in CentOS and also in networking eviroment ....
Now I have a quiry How to setup a connection for my customer which they are using Open SSL connection to connect to our company
the version CentOS i using is4.2
Is CentOS everything only in command prompt ?
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Thank you


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Open SSL

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/01/29 13:58:41

Are you asking about a creating an SSL VPN connection? If you are, then is one of the best IMHO.

CentOS has several GUI options. As root, you can use "yum grouplist" to see the bigger groups of software packages. Groups like "X Window System" and "GNOME Desktop Environment" will likely need to be in your "Installed Groups" listing. If they are not, yust run "yum groupinstall 'GNOME Desktop Environment'" for example. That will install a bunch of stuff. Depending on how well your video card is supported, you should get GUI on next reboot (or run "startx" from the command line).

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