How to use vmware

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How to use vmware

Post by roland_br » 2007/01/20 09:48:53

I have a client with a centos-ltsp installation.
This client,wholesale car space parts, has a lot of MS applications to run, s.a. pricelists and tech-info. We tried to use wine and win4lin, without a reliable result. So we are thinking of Vmware.
Firtst of all I hope this is a good choice.
Then I thought about how to install.
Should I:
1.Install Vmware server
2.install Centos-ltsp (virtual)
2.Install Microsoft Terminal server.(virtual)
or should I:
1.Install Centos-ltsp
2.Install vmware-server
3.Install MS-Terminalserver
What I also (and really) want:
An installation where I can have different OS's and do an upgrade, without starting a new installation,that is emptying the disk and restarting from scratch. It sounds good, reinstallation of an OS from the sofa at home. :-)
Of course, keeping in mind that the client had a bad experience, the final solution should be reliable and stable.

PLease some advice

Roland Brouwers

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How to use vmware

Post by arrfab » 2007/01/20 12:00:52

Hi Roland ,

Regarding your question 'how to use vmware', i'll point you at the official vmware documentation ....
Regarding your setup, it depends what goals you want to reach ...
Anyway, vmware-server should always be the base and other machines running as guests inside ... If you need two terminal servers ( a linux based one with ltsp and the other one with M$ TSE) you need to know that such machines are cpu (and memory even) intensives. so don't forget to at least put a lot of memory inside the machine, or divide the load on 2 or more physical machines ...
Otherwise, vmware-server installs very quick on CentOS, you don't even have to compile the network modules, since vmware support rhel and so centos ....

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Re: How to use vmware

Post by roland_br » 2007/01/20 12:46:24

I meant by 'use' the underlying options:
AS I understand you well:
I have to install first Vmware-server and above it centos-ltsp and MS-TS as guests. Right?
Is Vmware server free of charge?
7 workstations would be connected.
What configuration do you suggest?

Thanks for your help


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Re: How to use vmware

Post by arrfab » 2007/01/20 13:01:08

vmware-server is free of charge ...
Only 7 workstations (so terminal server clients iirc) connected to 2 terminal servers ?
if you only have 7 workstations, i'm just wondering what's the benefit ?

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Re: How to use vmware

Post by roland_br » 2007/01/20 13:48:57

Your remark is correct, but:
The client, wholesale car spare parts, has quit a lot of applications running under MSWin coming from his suplliers.
We want him to run all these apllics under MSwin and the rest under Centos-Ltsp.
All the supplier applics need a very intensiv update cycle, so many CD or DVD to read and update, very often, because the prices of spareparts are changing all the time - we are talking here of more then 100.000 articles.
That's why we don't want to install this on the workstations (pc's).
So the only option would be to install this on the server.
1. All Win-Xp virtual machines on the server, which is 500Mb per pc
2. MS-TS: which should be easier to maintain, I think (MS-TH is not my thing, it's my collegue who will be doing this)
With this configuration we could control it on distance.
I have to drive 1 hour to get to the client.
I think installing this 'Vmware -> Centos-ltsp -> Ms-Ts' would be less expensive then installing '7 mswin pc's + VNC'
To keep in mind also the cost of maintenance.
It looks nice to me, but.....
And I could not give any answer on the matter of stability.

It is not for sure that a woman that looks nice, is nice. :)

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Re: How to use vmware

Post by foxb » 2007/01/22 16:09:50

Lets approach differently...

Why you run 2 terminal servers?

Probably you can use only MS TS + thin clients(Linux based) booting from TFTP server running at MS TS OR from local CD/Flash card/ etc...

You mentioned that TS will be CPU intensive LTSP also in CPU and BW intensive and running both as virual machines may not work well..

Probably having only MS TS as VMWare guest will be better choise if you must run LTSP on CentOS host.

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Re: How to use vmware

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/01/22 20:38:49

Please provide details of how you plan to implement (hardware, network, memory etc).

Here is what I have done...
diskless workstations (PXE boot) -> Linux LTSP = icewm (fast and light!), OpenOffice, Mozilla (Seamonkey), Acrobat Reader, Flash etc.
Seperate server for vmware-server with win2k and xp containers as needed. Not all use MS stuff at same time. In fact only a couple of apps we don't have a choice (ADP, UPS software, a couple of specific IE only portions of a major auto manufacturer, etc). We have gone away from the Winframe/Metaframe/Windows TS because of the crapply version problems we we were having (one app wants version x and another wants y). Besides the win2k3 TS server REQUIRES a seperate (different) license server (eg more MS $$$$'s)

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