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1 box 2 dns servers

Posted: 2007/01/20 01:54:45
by WebRuss

I need to create a single box that serves as the primary and secondary dns server.

for example: on eth0 ip on eth1 ip

I've loaded the box with centos 4.4 server cd and that is as far as I got.
Is there a good guide available to walk me through doing this?


1 box 2 dns servers

Posted: 2007/01/20 12:16:59
by arrfab
Regarding documentation, here it is .. :
Regarding your particular setup, i really try to see an advantage of running a primary and a secondary on the same box ... normally a secondary one is the one who will answer dns requests in case of failure on the primary ... which doesn't make sense if you run both on the same machine ....
Of course this is possible : bind will listen on all interfaces by default ...