iscsi server setup

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iscsi server setup

Post by amp10000 » 2006/12/13 15:52:38

Who here has deployed a iscsi server before using centos?
If you have deployed such a server are there any configuration guides out there for how to dop this with centos?
I did some searching and did not find much however I did find this on fedora
any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: iscsi server setup

Post by danstoner » 2006/12/16 15:00:59

The last time we checked, iSCSI target had not made it into the CentOS project. Rather than trying to download a 3rd party project, we opted to install the OpenFiler distro instead of CentOS for our iSCSI target server.

This link might be useful for your CentOS attempt:


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iscsi server setup

Post by arrfab » 2006/12/18 12:37:21

Hi ,

I've deployed a iScsi-target solution for a proof of concept ... and i'll have to deploy it in production next week. I'll write something about this and upload it to the wiki if i have enough time ....
You can choose to use openfiler (it was centos based in the past but they just switch to something else, because z00dax left xinit , the company providing openfiler)
but anyway it will use the same iscsi-target rpm : i've used the srpm z00dax gave me for CentOS and it builds correctly ...

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Re: iscsi server setup

Post by jasonxoxide » 2006/12/19 13:46:22

Ive never setup an iSCSI server using CentOS, but I would like to toss in another plug for [url=]OpenFiler[/url] (which I use at home and at work).

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Re: iscsi server setup

Post by ripienaar » 2007/01/29 14:44:55

I used the SRPM from, installed the required dev packages and so forth, built it on my CentOS box and it worked a charm, nothing too complex.

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