Cannot ping server

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Cannot ping server

Post by altano » 2006/12/05 01:11:27


can someone help me with my problem, i'm just a newbie. i already installed centos, i can ping anywhere from my server. then problem is i cannot ping the server from any location in my system.

thanks in advance.

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Re: Cannot ping server

Post by gerald_clark » 2006/12/05 14:18:18

Check all your IP addresses, netmasks and routers to make sure everyone has a path to everyone else.

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Re: Cannot ping server

Post by foxb » 2006/12/05 14:19:52

Use traceroute to the host and post results if you do not understand them.

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Re: Cannot ping server

Post by rapo1 » 2006/12/06 07:32:21

Hi altona,

looks like a problem with the firewall of the server. Stop the firewall and try it again. If that works, change the settings in the iptables.

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