Drivers for RTL8201CL

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Drivers for RTL8201CL

Post by SimonT » 2006/10/14 14:07:33

I have an Onboard lan card, Realtek RTL8201CL, but I can`t find suitable drivers for my system. Where can I find suitable drivers?


CentOS release 4.3 (Final)
Kernal 2.6.9-34.0.2.EL on an i686

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Re: Drivers for RTL8201CL

Post by modprobe » 2008/08/07 22:18:52

i'm in same boat, mostly.

4.4centos servier cd.

i have a brand new BioStar MOBo i just loaded server only cd , this AM.

the Biostar co. does not support Linux at all , (do globe search there no hits.) try your Co. mobo home page.

it believe what we have is a Franken LAN.

in my case:
Nvidia 6100 MCP61 ethernet port (1st half)
and this connected to a MAC address missing , Realtek RTL8201CL - 10/100 PHY. this is a chip that requires the OS/bios to gen up the mac address.

this low end dual part, NIC is not supported by the moBO CO.s. sorry to say.
but do check yours oem mobo.

im just insalling a common and in pci , rlt9169 IIRC.


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