Linux client for Netware

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Linux client for Netware

Post by orsep » 2006/07/31 17:22:03

Hi! I have a server with Novell 5.1 and a server with CentOS 4.2
I want to access from Centos to Novell. How can I do this? Is it possible with the NCPFS package??? I read in a forum that CentOS does not support ncpfs... is that true? If it is true, how can I log into the Novell server?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Linux client for Netware

Post by khsti » 2007/09/27 14:29:46


I have the same problem with SME 7.2
No chance to get ipxutils and ncpfs work !!!

have you solved it ??

regards KH

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Re: Linux client for Netware

Post by jmgorro » 2008/10/16 07:05:05

I think that I have the solution. You should install kernel source and compile module for ncpfs (that isn't compiled on original distro).
Then ncpfs and ipxtools will use this module and should work.

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