BeWAN ADSL modem driver / module - Help Please

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BeWAN ADSL modem driver / module - Help Please

Post by lensor » 2006/02/02 17:41:03


I'm a bit new at Linux...but like to think I'm a fairly fast learner...Unfortunately, I have found very little to help me with this card/problem on CentOS- perhaps because I don't know how to search for the helpful stuff?

I've been struggling to get the BeWAN ADSL PCI st modem installed on CentOS 2.6.9-22.0.2.

Following the sparce instructions found on to install the BeWAN PCI st ADSL Modem card, I cannot get CentOS to load the driver/module for this card!

Here's what comes back when I try to load the driver/module:

[root@asterisk1 ~]# modprobe unicorn_pci_atm
FATAL: Module unicorn_pci_atm not found.
[root@asterisk1 ~]#

As per instructions from I've done the following:
1. Asterisk @ Home installed and updated (yum -y update) to CentOS version 2.6.9-22.0.2.EL.
(I did not build a custom kernel as article suggested, because it looked like the ppp and atm
stuff was already there...maybe I'm wrong?)
2. Added the compiler via " yum install gcc-c++ " to compile the BeWAN unicorn chipset drivers
3. Downloaded driver file bast-0.9.0.tgz from
4. Copied the unicorn_pci_atm.ko and unicorn_pci_eth.ko files to /lib/modules/2.6.9-22.0.2.EL/extra/
a. tried straight file copy
b. and tried using 'install -m 644 unicorn_pci_XXX.ko /lib/modules/2.6.9-22.0.2.EL/extra/ '
(same result with either)
5. Tested the device driver/module with ' modprobe unicorn_pci_atm ' - see failure above.
6. (despite failure of 5) Modified modprobe.conf to include a couple lines as follows:
install unicorn_pci_atm /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install unicorn_pci_atm
options unicorn_pci_atm ActivationMode=4
install pppoatm /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install pppoatm
(not entirely sure about step 6)

* modprobe pppoatm appears to be successful
* dmesg and lspci shows BeWAN pci card is recognised
* ifconfig shows only eth0, eth1 and lo (no ppp0)

I'm sure I'm missing something...but don't know how to find it!

Can someone help?

Maybe it's better to install the IPCOP distro and then add Asterisk and AMP....don't know which would be better.

I can supply more logs and output if needed....I'd appreciate any help.


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Re: BeWAN ADSL modem driver / module - Help Please

Post by lensor » 2006/02/03 22:23:16

More information:

I've now tried the BeWAN driver full "make" and "make install" (including module_install).

As a result, the modprobe recognises the unicorn_pci_atm module, but crashes the system completely.

The 'make install' apparently updates the module aliases and a more system files (have not tracked all the changes) but while those updates mean that the module is now found, the Linux install is ruined so the system must be re-installed from scratch.

What other updates are required to get Linux to recognise the module? (just copying the .ko files doesn't do it)

It's clear that the process above is not enough to get the module installed...but the full module_install is too much.

Any help or hints would be appreciated.

BTW I've now tested the PCI modem and know it to be fully functional when recognised properly by the IPCOP distro.

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Re: BeWAN ADSL modem driver / module - Help Please

Post by lensor » 2006/02/04 10:21:10

Interestingly, BeWAN has released a new driver - Just in the past couple days!


Now it compiles and installs the module properly - so it seems.

There are still a few more challenges to get it working, but it's progress!

Hope this helps others.


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Re: BeWAN ADSL modem driver / module - Help Please

Post by ravendawson » 2010/12/10 21:55:48

Here's a site about bewan drivers that might provide you some handy info.

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