Monitor screen LG FLATRON M197WD

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Monitor screen LG FLATRON M197WD

Post by jsmith1981 » 2010/05/25 14:27:40

I am using the above monitor.

But for some reason Centos 4.8 has decided not to set it at the correct width, ie the desktops slightly to the right of the display, very annoying not being able to move it to the left at all to counteract this, is there anyway of making centos move the screen to the left?

Just to get a thorough idea of whats going on here, when I maximise the screen, I loose off view the close symbols to windows when I open say a new browser window, I have to reduce the width of the browser window to use the close button.

Can someone help me find a solution to get around this problem?

My centos 4.8 server, working on another computer has done this when I installed it first off but this doesnt happen with my working computer as such.

Would appreciate a reply when you can.

Kind regards,
Jeremy :-?

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Monitor screen LG FLATRON M197WD

Post by gerald_clark » 2010/05/25 14:30:54

Use your monitor size and position controls to fix the display.

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Re: Monitor screen LG FLATRON M197WD

Post by pschaff » 2010/05/28 12:39:43

May want to try "xvidtune" from "xorg-x11".

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