Adjustment RAID1 embedded

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Adjustment RAID1 embedded

Post by mkl_sis » 2010/03/03 12:22:02

On server HP it is necessary to adjust hardware RAID1 embedded.
I have established three disks SATA. The first has left for loading CentOS and on other two has adjusted RAID1.
As to me it is correct in the course of installation CentOS 4.7 to mark file system that in the course of work to write down for example a folder /bases on disks which enter in RAID.
Please write more in detail - I the beginner.

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Adjustment RAID1 embedded

Post by pschaff » 2010/03/04 00:01:26

You need to get someone more fluent in English to help you with your question. I am unable to understand what you are asking.

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