Paper caught in CD drive...

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Paper caught in CD drive...

Post by cwatson » 2010/02/03 14:32:44

Yesterday I made a foolish mistake. I inserted a CD into the drive; the CD had a note on it, which I assumed was securely taped on... Well, it turns out it wasn't. I heard a lot of bad whirring noises, so I ejected the disc, and the paper was gone.
I can still open the drive tray without problems, and even read a disc without problems... but I know the paper is still in there. What do I have to do to ensure this doesn't affect the rest of my system? Do I have to open it all up?

Here's what logwatch spits out:
WARNING: Kernel Errors Present
(reserved error code) -- (asc=0x...: 1 Time(s)
Error: Medium error --...: 1 Time(s)
Buffer I/O error on device hda, l...: 32 Time(s)
Buffer I/O error on device sdb1, ...: 17 Time(s)
end_request: I/O error, dev hda, sector...: 1 Time(s)
hda: media error (bad sector): er...: 1 Time(s)
hda: media error (bad sector): st...: 1 Time(s)

The machine itself is HP xw8400 workstation.

Your help is much appreciated.


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Paper caught in CD drive...

Post by pschaff » 2010/02/03 14:45:01

Don't think you need to worry too much about the rest of the system. For any CD/DVD drive I have used the paper would not be able to escape from the enclosure. In your shoes, I'd first try to get a flashlight and a paperclip straightened out with a little hook bent into the end and try to fish out the paper. Failing that I'd remove the drive, take the metal cover off, and try to remove it that way. If that failed I'd replace the drive.

For future reference, using high-speed rotational media with [i]anything[/i] asymmetric stuck on it, no matter how securely, is a [b]bad idea [TM][/b]. It will unbalance the media and cause problems even if it does not come off.

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Re: Paper caught in CD drive...

Post by AlanBartlett » 2010/02/03 17:50:19

Further to the sage words in [b]Phil[/b]'s last paragraph, most good retail outlets that sell blank optical media will usually be able to sell you an [i]approved[/i] type of fine-fibre-tipped marker pen for writing on such media.

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