3D support for a Radeon 7500 card (CentOS 4.7)?

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3D support for a Radeon 7500 card (CentOS 4.7)?

Post by RonB » 2008/09/23 04:26:38

Anyone have any luck setting up 3D support for a Radeon 7500 video card? I'm using CentOS 4.7. I know it'll work in Linux, as this computer has a "fraternal" twin (Optiplex GX240 with a Radeon 7500) running openSuSE 10.3. Of course I'm using KDE on that computer, so it might be easier that way -- though I like Gnome just fine and would rather use it.

I don't remember downloading Catalyst with the openSuSE computer, but it's possible that the driver came with one of the closed-source downloads openSuSE supplies if you okay at the beginning at the install.

Thanks for any tips.


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