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USB dvd drive disappearing during anaconda install

Posted: 2008/09/17 23:10:14
by altitude
hi folks.

i maintain the buidling of a bunch of centos 4 machines (currently based off the 4.5 distro). i've recently been trying to move to 4.6 and 4.7 releases, however i've run into a hiccup where, when running the anaconda install (using a relatively simple kickstart script) on systems that use a USB dvd drive, the system gets through ths isolinux part, boots normally, starts anaconda, but then pretty much immediately loses the USB dvd device, so it can't find the partition to mount and the installation fails.

We had seen this problem occassionally in the 4.5 distro, but was fixed by changing the dvd drive to one made by a different vendor. However, now it happens with all of our dvd drives.

Does anyone know what the problem is or how i can work around it?

Thanks a bunch.