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RAID Problems

Posted: 2008/09/02 21:34:48
by herders

I am running Centos4 on a P III 933 w/ 512 MB Ram, 2-80 Gig configured as logical volumes at the start of the install no problems here, I just put in 2-500 gig SATA drive and controller card and am having a difficult time getting it configured.

I have partitioned the drives with one primary partition, I have initialized the raid device wit the proper raidtab and, mke2fs the /dev/md4 and the /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1 now if I mount /dev/md4 as /backup while logged in the device mounts properly and all is well.

I then reboot the machine just to make sure it boots up properly, when trying to mount the /dev/md4 it fails with as superblock inconsistency error, or the raid isn't initialized.

I log in and reinitialized /dev/md4 and then mount -a and everything thing works as expected, until the machine is powered down, we have been reorganizing the office, hence the power outages.

A couple of issue have happended.

The box was properly configured for the raid /dev/md4 and running overnight, the power was accidentally powered off and on, this is when the trouble started happening.

The box is an old box and my first concern was whether it would have enough power to run the 4 drives but it runs ok and is rather cool not warm. is the guide I followed, I have used this guide before with no issues on my server at home

Thanks for any assistance.


RAID Problems

Posted: 2008/09/03 13:53:07
by gerald_clark
CentOS software RAID does not use raidtab.