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get stuck in stalling Attansic L2 with Centos

Posted: 2008/08/18 16:00:14
by chinchin
Hi All,

I got stuck in stalling Attansic L2 with Centos 4.4.
Hardware environment:
Cpu: Intel Celeron 430 1.8G;
Motherboard: ASUS P5GC-MX, intel 945GC chip,Attansic L2 network card embedded.
Software environment:
Centos 4.4 final version, version: kernel 2.6.9-40.EL
Centos was installed in a single server CD.

Network card could not be recognized on installation, use dmesg grep eth could not find.

debuging process:
1. Got linux driver for Attansic_L2_Linux.tar.gz, on installation, reported error: kernel source not found
2. Use "kernel-2.6.9-42.EL.i686.rpm" from install CD, do rpm -ivh, told kernel already been installed.
3. Use "kernel-devel" download from, told which is for x86-64.
4. Download kernel src for compiling, told "usr/src/redhat/SPEC" couldn't find.
5. mkdir usr/src/redhat, do rpm -ivh kernel.src again, told "rpmbuild" command could not be found;
6. Download rpm-build*.rpm, told which has dependencies on serveral starts with rpmlib*.so files, don't know where to download the files.
7. Since network card not installed, yum install rpmbuild is not doable.

I'm totally got stuck, have worked for days, could anyone point out anything I could do here?

get stuck in stalling Attansic L2 with Centos

Posted: 2008/08/18 16:27:38
by toracat
I'm afraid you do not have much luck with the atl2 driver on CentOS-4. Is there any option to install CentOS-5? Or else, the easiest solution is to get a decent, inexpensive NIC.