CentOS 4.4 on Dell 2950 III?

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CentOS 4.4 on Dell 2950 III?

Post by ptaylor » 2008/03/28 12:44:55

I'm trying to install CactiEZ 0.4 on a new Dell 2950 with a Perc 6/i card. This version of CactiEZ is based upon CentOS 4.4.

I've been reading these forums and see others that have had similar issues, but I've had no luck following the advice given so far.

I've tried these two drivers:


In each case, it fails to see the RAID array, telling me that "No valid devices were found on which to create new file systems".

From some things I've read, though, it sounds like installing CentOS 4.4 is not possible with this hardware, and that it must be 4.5 or newer.

Can anyone confirm this?


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