All in one printer/fax/scanner recommendations?

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All in one printer/fax/scanner recommendations?

Post by nevetS » 2008/03/12 18:16:02

I have set up a RHEL4 server for my home. I made the mistake of buying a Dell 966 (lexmark rebranded) all-in-one network printer. I don't generally need to print from linux, but not being able to do so at all is a pain. I also need to be able to print over the network from a Mac.

As far as faxing goes, I really just need to be able to fax from the device itself (I never use print-to-fax functionality).

I don't necessarily need to have this printer directly connected to my linux box - although it would be nice, since my linux box is always on.

What current all-in-one printer/fax/scanner (with color/photo printing capabilities) exist out there with linux drivers? I would strongly prefer something with an open source driver, but if there is nothing available, I'll make do with a binary.

I have come to the realization that this Dell printer is just not going to work out for me.

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All in one printer/fax/scanner recommendations?

Post by WhatsHisName » 2008/03/12 20:30:27

A good place to start would be the [url=]Linux Foundation OpenPrinting Database[/url].

For example, look at the databases for [url=]HP Printers[/url] and [url=]Brother Printers[/url], focusing on the all-in-one listings.

Then googling for printers of interest in forums like might be helpful.

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