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Installing on WD Caviar SE16

Posted: 2008/01/20 22:33:54
by sierrastars

I'm trying to install CentOS version 4.3 on to a new WD Caviar SE 16 500GB SATA 300 MB/s hard drive (My previous drive crashed). There is no driver for Western Digital SATA HDs listed. If I run the installation (graphic or text) normally the system hangs looking for a SCSI driver (loading sata_sil driver . . .). If I run the installation in noprobe there is no obvious correct driver to select.

This box is being used to control the Sierra Stars Observatory which uses a Linux control system. I need to get it back up ASAP. Can I get this running on my exirsint system? If so what do I need to do to do so? Do I need to buy a different HD? If. so what is recommended?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide. You can also canotat me at if needed.

RIch Williams