To use bluetooth

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To use bluetooth

Post by guille » 2007/10/10 16:27:19

Hello everybody, i have a usb bluetooth device like this ( ), im not sure if compatible with linux.. but at the moment i cant use it, if plugin into a usb port the SO dont detect it, ( yes it does if i plugin a pen drive ) i turn on the bluetooth service ( /etc/init.d/bluetooth start )... but nothing happend

Could anyone tell me any tip to use bluetooth with CentOS ?

Thanks guys sorry this kind of huge global question.


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Re: To use bluetooth

Post by MatsK » 2007/10/21 16:05:46

Open a command prompt and type:
hchitool scan

that will scan for any BT device that is "discoverable"


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Re: To use bluetooth

Post by toracat » 2007/10/21 17:48:54

Just a minor correction. It is hcitool. :-)

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