IBM Blade Center

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IBM Blade Center

Post by joset3 » 2007/10/01 23:38:01

We have a server IBM Blade Center with CPU AMD Opteron Dual Core, model 2216, 2.4 GHz, RAM 2 GB and HD 146 GB. We can install CENTOS 4.4 i386 on this server? Are there special procedure to install CENTOS 4.4 i386 on this server? Please let me know.

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IBM Blade Center

Post by arrfab » 2007/10/04 08:11:21

from what i can read on the IBM serverproven webpage ( it seems that CentOS 4.x should work ..
BUT : why not installing x86_64 on such beast ? (and not i386) and also why installing CentOS 4.4 when 4.5 is available ?

BTW, posting the same question in several places can be considered as 'rude' .. i've deleted your other posts and moved this one in the correct topic ...

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Re: IBM Blade Center

Post by jane » 2007/10/04 22:48:17

With IBM blade servers, you can go to IBM website and use the exact model of your blade server and get installation procedures for it for Redhat 4.4 under support.

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