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Where to post CentOS5 questions?

Posted: 2007/03/21 01:25:40
by wizmang
I downloaded the CentOS 5 beta to see if the legacy MegaRaid driver was included and it is but CentOS still doesn't recognize
my card/drives

When/where might I be able to post any questions for CentOS 5 ?


Re: Where to post CentOS5 questions?

Posted: 2007/03/22 14:43:25
by phoenix
You can post on the mailing lists here: of on IRC at #centos

Re: Where to post CentOS5 questions?

Posted: 2007/03/22 19:29:41
by tabowling
I have an old HP Netserver LH4 that has the HP NetRaid (MegaRaid) adapters that I could NEVER get to work under CentOS4 because the install kernel would panic before I could tell it to load from my custom driver disk.

CentOS5 Beta is working GREAT. But I had to go into the BIOS of the RAID adapter and TURN OFF I2O, choosing MASS STORAGE instead. If I did not do this, It would not see my adapter or disks just like your description.

This is documented in the upstream release notes. Something about loading the I2O driver before the Megaraid driver. Not sure if this will be fixed in the final release or not, but it is working just fine for me. See's all the drives as a single Logical RAID5, so I assume the RAID card is doing its job.

Hope this helps!!!

Where to post CentOS5 questions?

Posted: 2007/03/24 11:39:24
by arrfab
From the CentOS 5beta release notes : "Web Forums are not suitable for discussions related to this Beta release since they are not actively monitored by the developers and the QA/QC team members" ...
That's the reason why a centos 5 forum doesn't exist at this time ...
We'll create this when it will be released ...

Re: Where to post CentOS5 questions?

Posted: 2007/03/26 09:11:36
by wizmang
I appreciate the feedback and I wanted to let everyone know that I finally got CentOS to see my drives.

My card is a Megaraid Express 500 (series 475) and I upgraded to the latest bios/firmware revision and it is working fine.

Re: Where to post CentOS5 questions?

Posted: 2008/10/27 18:26:47
by jac12498

I have the same configuration that you seem to have. I have some questions:

Which version of CentOS did you end up using?
How did you upgrade the firmware in your Express 500?

Thank you,
Jeff Collins