64-Bit LBA SATA Controller

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64-Bit LBA SATA Controller

Post by ZennouRyuu » 2007/01/25 20:01:41


Could someone recommend a SATA controller that supports 64-bit LBA for very large volumes (~4TB)? I have need for such card that is supported by RHEL4/CentOS4. It will need to be supported out of the box (as opposed to having to add an external module from a 3rd party). Are there any such cards, and if so, which ones would you recommend in terms of reliability.

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Re: 64-Bit LBA SATA Controller

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/01/25 20:10:46

I use a pair of 3ware 9500's for a cheap NAS box. I decided to put a IDE->CF adapter for a small /boot to get around the boot problem (not a big deal since /boot is NOT written too very much anyway and the CF card is way small). Then the OS and partitions are all on md RAID 5 + hot spare. Not your perfect request, but VERY reliable! I dump 30+GB data archive files to it over the LAN. They have been ROCK solid under CentOS for me (formated ext3 with 4k block size and just 32bit OS and a pair of Opteron 248's).

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Re: 64-Bit LBA SATA Controller

Post by jasonxoxide » 2007/01/26 17:00:50

I use a 3Ware 9590SE-16ML for my storage needs. It will work under RHEL 4u4 & CentOS 4.4 out of the box. Older versions will need a driver disk.

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