CentOS on Intel Mac Mini?

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Re: CentOS on Intel Mac Mini?

Post by Westminster » 2007/10/18 02:16:36

Wow! Thank you tmuller!! This was invaluable!

I did not need to create two partitions, though. One partition with the MBR configuration as described in #2 worked great for me.

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Re: CentOS on Intel Mac Mini?

Post by hodfords » 2007/11/03 06:07:20

It's a rather assbackward way but for some reason Centos 5.0 doesn't write to the MBR properly- and I found that if you install Ubuntu (server edition (because fastest)) on the server it would work. After that you could install Centos 5.0 onto the Mac Mini as before and you could get Centos to work on the Mac Mini...

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