SATA RAID support for Sil3114?

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SATA RAID support for Sil3114?

Post by ozguy » 2006/01/26 18:56:13

l'm a seasoned Sys Admin and l've been using linux/Unix for years, and CentOS in particular for the last 2 years, and have always wished to use the built in RAID support on the Sil3114 SATA Controllers that many motherboards come with these days.

l know there are 3Ware (and other brand) SATA controllers that work well with CentOS (l use them at work on some HP DL320's), but l don't wish to pay the $400 for the 4 port card to do it. l've been using Linux software RAID for a few installs, but would prefer not to.

When will CentOS (or any other Linux OS) support the hardware RAID (really software RAID) on these controllers? Has anyone gotten it to work with a 3rd party driver during install?

If so please let me know what it is and where to get it please. If you have any performance metrics as well that would be great as l don't wish to sacrifice to much performance to use it.

Thanks in advance,


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SATA RAID support for Sil3114?

Post by khronous » 2006/01/27 03:14:51

i too have the same problem, still with sata raid controllers
maybe it an anaconda problem. i was able to download a driver
for my card, rawrite it to a floppy, let the installer load it, but
when i tried to select the driver so anaconda can load it
to finalize and proceed to install, it just wont work. some
i read that unless your card is supported by your kernel,
meaning its there without loading any floppy/driver, it
will just go seemlessly.

i also tried redhat 9 update 3, load the driver and still
wont do. it will be great if cent guys will able to solve this.
and i think they should be able to do this ASAP, if we want
linux to be more competitive/alternative. the good thing about linux
is its free! anyway, im still doing some experimentation on
this. lets all do.

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Re: SATA RAID support for Sil3114?

Post by ozguy » 2006/01/27 03:55:41

Was this the driver you tried?

l'll be building a 64 bit server next week sowill try it out.

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Re: SATA RAID support for Sil3114?

Post by progys » 2010/08/11 15:24:12

I know there is more than 4 years, but I tryed this month to install Centos 5.5 on a RAID for Sil3114 !
I did it, but there's 3 step :
- 1 make a RAID 1 (with 2 HD no more !)
- 2 install Fedora 13 it will detect as a professional support, go on RAID, and install Fedora light
- 3 install CENTOS and just supp the linux partition, because Fedora made a special media for the drives

I hope Centos will provide a driver for this card, because it is a mess.
When you try without these steps, Centos install everything even a software RAID if you want to, but when you boot, impossible to find the partition, or the drives.
So please I [b]beg[/b] you, I am not going to spend 300$ just for a small server, it will be all most the same price of the server !

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Re: SATA RAID support for Sil3114?

Post by pschaff » 2010/08/11 15:28:13

[b]progys[/b] - Welcome to the CentOS fora. The following reading is recommended for new users:
[url=]Readme First[/url]
[url=]Installing Software[/url]
[url=]Where to Find Answers[/url]
[url=]How to provide information about your system[/url]

Section 7 in the first link will explain why you should not hijack threads. Please start a new Topic if you want attention for your issue.

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Re: SATA RAID support for Sil3114?

Post by progys » 2010/08/31 11:00:52

I m so sorry, I wanted to be smart ! 8-)
So befor post anythings I try out !
And now I think this card does not acept anything else than RAID 0 and 1, even if the BIOS said so.
Because Centos recognise all the drive throu gparted. I am new with mana ge a linux server so I will come back with all my info and perhaps you will help me !

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