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Onboard sound doesn't seem to work

Posted: 2005/10/27 20:48:23
by Psyk
Ok before I start I'll give you an idea of how much I know about CentOS and Linux in general:
[b]absolutely nothing[/b]

I have only briefly used linux before so I know nothing about configuration. The reason I've now installed is because it's what the university machines use.

Now onto the problem. I have regular, bog-standard onboard sound. And the soundcard detection program detects it fine. It reports it as "nVidia Corporation CK804 AC'97 Audio Controller". The test sound even plays without a problem. The problem is that nothing else can play sound. I tried playing an audio CD and it doesnt come up with any errors but no sound comes out. The solution to this is probably very simple but being a linux noob I don't even know where to start.