Kernel mismatch between RHEL and CentOS -> driver disk refuses to load

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Kernel mismatch between RHEL and CentOS -> driver disk refus

Post by arrfab » 2005/10/14 11:51:09

Hi everybody,

I'm currently fighting with a IBM ServeRAID 7e Sata raid card (this card is in fact an Adaptec one, with Intel ICH5 chipset).
I try to load the module during installation of CentOS 3.4 (because i've a downloaded a driver disk for RHEL 3 update 4), but i've seen a little difference between CentOS kernel version and the official one from Redhat .
I compared the RHEL 3 update 4 kernel version with the CentOS 3.4 one and here are the results :
RHEL 3.4 : uname -r : 2.4.21-27.EL
CentOS 3.4 : uname -r : 2.4.21-27.0.1.EL

I was thinking that CentOS was a complete rebuild and so an exact copy of the Redhat Enterprise ... but with such difference, my driver disk refuse to load, because of a kernel mismatch (even a copy of the module to the modules directory, depmod -a, and modprobe complains that the module was build for another kernel version ...)

IBM/Adaptec refuse to provide an opensource module other that those proprietary ones supplied for RHEL (update 1 to 4).

So my question is : why did the CentOS builders include a different version number for the kernel if the real goal was to produce a full compatible RHEL distro ?
If a CentOS development team member can answer this, i would be happy to read ....

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