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Raid Array on CentOS4

Posted: 2005/05/05 17:59:34
by RAID-5
I tryed to install CentOS 4 on two different machine with onboard raid controller but I got something wrong. The first machine have two 250 Gb. S-ATA drives and are member of an Raid 1 array. The second machine have four 250 Gb. S-ATA drives and are member of an Raid 0+1 array.

When the disk druid screen appear at install, I can see two independant hard drives for the first machine and 4 independant drives for the second machine. So my raid array seems to be bypassed by the install (weird!!!)

After seeing that, I didn't continue my install. Just for testing, I tryed to take one of my RedHat 9 server (with same hardware configuration) and start to perform an install on it. At the dris druid installation screen, I see two hard drives with same partition on each other.

So, can I deduct that I can make the two drives identical with same partitions and it will work like it should work ???

Thanks for you're help!

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Raid Array on CentOS4

Posted: 2005/05/06 09:02:31
by Gawen
These "software raid" controllers are not really raid hardware, they are just standard SATA controllers with a bios that is able to send a software raid driver some information on how you want them to be set up. This is ignored by the regular 2.6 kernel and the drives are correctly handled as regular SATA devices.

Have a fitting software raid driver disk for your 2.6 kernel from your controllers manufacturer and use this disk while booting into your install cd.

If there is no driver available blame your manufacturer and use standard linux software raid on install. It makes no difference if you use a manufacturers software raid driver or the kernels build in software raid. It will not become real hardware raid from a manufacturers driver...

If there are driver sources (and you insist in using the manufacturers software raid driver) but there are no fitting precompiled binaries follow jajivs explanations on how to create your own driver disk: