ibm eserver 346 reboot

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ibm eserver 346 reboot

Post by bibifoc23 » 2005/04/27 10:12:26


I have problem with an ibm eserver 346.
I get sometime but not always a software NMI error, and the server reboot. But this error does not appear always at the same moment during the install process.
I think there is a problem with th e X server but i am not sure.

Is anyone have information ?


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Re: ibm eserver 346 reboot

Post by Boneless » 2005/04/27 22:55:24

I have the same problem (x346 Dual Xeon 3,2Ghz 6gb RAM, and ServerRaid 7-K for 2 RAID 1 and U320 SCSI for a DDSGen5). No luck on finding the cause, yet...

Tried RHEL 4/AS x86-64 and (of course) the same problem. :-?

Upgraded to last BIOS, BMC Firmware and ServerRaid Versions plus various BIOS tweaks.

Occurs almost every time during graphical installation. So I had to install it in text mode. Reboots are very rare once installed, and allways during booting. If the servers boots properly it keeps working nice.

Well... These machines (x346) are not certified for RHEL 4 yet... so I hope IBM and RH will address the problem in the near future, with a BIOS and/or package upgrade.

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Re: ibm eserver 346 reboot

Post by Minuteman » 2005/05/18 17:46:47

Same here on an eServer 346 with Fedora Core 3 and 4-test3, it's rebooting sometimes when you are in the first graphical screen. The same happens if you are in x86 or x86-64 mode so it isn't a problem at this point.

Ah, while I have you there, does the ServeRaid 7-K controller work fine under CentOS? I just bought one 2 days ago because the crappy HostRAID is totally unsupported under linux...I hate Adaptec.


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Re: ibm eserver 346 reboot

Post by basti » 2005/07/01 13:43:26

i expirienced the same problem on x346, but only when the rsa2 was installed
everytime i started the xserver, the system hang with an nmi

a workaround is, to select "Generic Vesa" as graphic card in the xorg.conf ...
after applying the new xorg.conf i had no more nmi's

maybe this could help you

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Re: ibm eserver 346 reboot

Post by jbebel » 2005/07/23 00:17:47

Figured I'd chime in with a "me too". I've got a 346 with a 3.4 GHz xeon, and I get the same behavior. It reboots spontaneously shortly after X loads most of the time.

Contrary to the previous post, the RSA card seems to have no effect on it. It will reboot whether or not the RSA card is installed.

I have noticed some interesting differences in behavior based on versions of the Baseboard Management Controller though. I've tested 1.08, 1.10, and 1.12. 1.08 and 1.10 will light the NMI LED on the diagnostic panel about when X starts, and 20 to 30 seconds later, the computer shuts off completely, turning back on in a few seconds. With 1.12, however, the NMI light never comes on, and rather than shutting completely off and then back on, the computer just resets.

I also noticed a BIOS option that says something to the effect of "Reset on NMI" Disabling that didn't have any effect either.

At the moment, I'm just installing in text mode. I don't really want X running on the server anyway, so I'll make my inittab prevent it from loading on startup, but I'm intending to uninstall it completely. I don't know why it insists on installing KDE when I specifically deselect in the setup. If it's too much trouble, I may just make the vesa driver the default in case X ever gets run.

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