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US robotic ethernet card

Posted: 2005/04/25 12:51:49
by christos_gentsi

i have the US Robotic ethernet NIC, which is not supported from the drivers that appear in the kernel, but there is a cd with the drivers from US Robotics. the problem is that then i try to install them all goes OK but after the installation the card is recognized as unknown card(before the installation it is not appear at all to the system). does anyone knows what i can do for that?

US robotic ethernet card

Posted: 2005/04/25 15:23:38
by nevat
Can you send a description of this card ?
You can help with lspci output. (Network adapter section)

Re: US robotic ethernet card

Posted: 2005/04/25 19:01:58
by christos_gentsi
it is not posible to list here the output of the lspci... the computer with the card has no network...(if there was network to the computer, the card would work...)
i run the command and the output was something like:
ethernet controler: U S robotics : unknown device 0116 (rev 10)
before i install the drivers which was inside the cd the card didn't appear at all... after the installation it appears as an uknown device :(

the card is a 10/100/1000 MBps
i don't have other details... if there is any way to find more information about the card pleace let me know