iSCSI support for CentOS 4 ?

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iSCSI support for CentOS 4 ?

Post by arrfab » 2005/04/15 07:59:40


I'm surprised that Redhat (and so CentOS ...) didn't ship the iscsi-initiator-tools rpm with RHEL 4 ...
This was included in RHEL 3 (and so CentOS 3 also).
I've searched google, and found this post on the Redhat website : .
So it seems that Redhat is waiting to put this iScsi stuff RPM in RHEL 4.
In the meantime, does anybody have already recompile the whole stuff ( or for CentOS 4 ?
If so, can this person share his thoughts about his implementation ?

By the way, i'll try to recompile this for CentOS 4, and access my iScsi SAN

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