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MX700 extra buttons

Posted: 2005/04/07 01:30:00
by dantx23
pardon my newness, but...
I have a Logitech MX 700 mouse, and the core buttons work... but the back and forth buttons don't work right... causes firefox to go odd places...
I've tried looking this up in other places, but fiexes infolve a modprobe and changes to my xorg.conf file... which convienently leads to me having to reconfigure X to get back into my computer.


Re: MX700 extra buttons

Posted: 2005/04/13 02:25:16
by Radon


Re: MX700 extra buttons

Posted: 2005/04/13 02:33:01
by Radon
Haha, took me less time to find the answer than to have to sign up to this website just to help you!

Copy this link starting ^ from this http. (something is messed up, I just pasted the URL)