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Upgrade Samba on Centos 4.4

Posted: 2011/08/30 16:32:23
by dcatcha
I would like to lead with a I am a newb when it comes to linux, so if my questions seems dumb please understand where I am coming from.

I see on RedHat site Samba package:


Is available.

I would like to upgrade Samba on my Centos 4.4 box. I ran the following command to verify it is installed:
[root@nice ~]# rpm -qa 'samba*'

I found this article about doing an inplace upgrade of samba using the following commands (see below)
My questions are:
1) does the rpm command download the file?
2) How to get get the samba 3.0.33.x? ( I need it so Samba works with my Win7 boxes)
3) Would this process also be similar to update Samba on RedHat?

;upgrade the smb client library files in place
rpm -Uvh libsmbclient-3.0.25a-33.i386.rpm

service smb stop ;stopping services

rpm -ev samba-client ; remove samba-client

;force removal of both samba and samba-common
;the force removal lets you keep the conf files in place
rpm -ev --nodeps samba
rpm -ev --nodeps samba-common

;install new packages...
rpm -ivh samba3-client-3.0.25a-33.i386.rpm
rpm -Uvh samba3-winbind-3.0.25a-33.i386.rpm
rpm -Uvh samba3-3.0.25a-33.i386.rpm

;samba conf files are renamed during package installation,
; so just change them back.
cd /etc/samba/
mv ./smb.conf.rpmsave ./smb.conf
mv ./smbusers.rpmsave ./smbusers

;restart services
service smb start

Upgrade Samba on Centos 4.4

Posted: 2011/08/30 17:30:34
by toracat
If you keep your CentOS-4 system up-to-date, samba should be at 3.0.33-0.34.el4 now.

If you need samba3, however, you would have to install non-CentOS packages. Please read this [url=]CentOS wiki on Repositories[/url] [b]thoroughly[/b]. "The SerNet Samba 3 Repository" may have the packages you want, but they are not supported by CentOS. So, this is a 'Use at your own risk' suggestion.