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Installing Dansie Mail version 1.15 on Centos 4.8

Posted: 2010/11/13 01:11:58
by Zoro
Dear friends,

I'm trying to install this Perl mail program called [url=]Dansie Mail version 1.15[/url] on Centos 4.8. However, I'm receiving the following error:

[code][b]Software error:[/b]
Can't locate object method "copyRotated" via package "GD::Image" at /home/... line 1258.

GD was installed, but I thought perhaps not all of the package were installed, so I tried re-installing like this:

[code]yum install gd gd-devel php-gd[/code]
RESULT: Parsing package install arguments
Nothing to do

Then tried to restart the server, but the problem still persists:
[code]/etc/init.d/httpd restart[/code]

For reference purposes, here's the server's summary:

[root@www user]# uname -rmi
2.6.9-89.0.28.ELsmp i686 i386

[root@www user]# rpm -q centos-release

[root@www user]# ls /etc/yum.repos.d/
BlueQuartz-Base.repo CentOS-Base.repo CentOS-Media.repo mirrors-rpmforge NuOnce.repo rpmforge.repo rpmforge-testing.repo

Any help from the CentOS community will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Re: Installing Dansie Mail version 1.15 on Centos 4.8

Posted: 2011/01/07 04:15:08
by Zoro
Dear friends,

The [url=]Dansie Mail[/url] script was updated to version 1.16 and now has the ability to work with or without the "copyRotated" GD feature, as it is an option that can be turned off within this Perl program. A CentOS server version 4.8 is now able to use this excellent script with features that administrators will appreciate.