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FMEA tracking software?

Posted: 2010/08/31 19:23:47
by amigabill
Is there an application for Linux to handle FMEA, particularly Design FMEA forms and tracking? My employer is ramping up to requiring a DFMEA for all of our designs soon, and has Dyadam FMEA Pro for Windows users and an MS Excel template as well. My location has a very few Windows PCs, the vast majority have CentOS 4.something boxes on our desks. With 2.something version of OpenOffice that is very old now. Has anyone tried using the Dyadem or other DFMEA software under Wine with success, or know of any Linux-native application? (Even if commercial, I'm not begging for free/GPL app here) I'd just like to know if there's anything better for us than using spreadsheet templates in an antique version of OpenOffice.