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Posted: 2010/02/03 13:57:42
by jfreak53
I just installed ClamD plugin in my cpanel admin and it's working fine. I found the config file and I worked through it and everything looked fine for default so I left it alone. I have tested it and it is working just great. Two things though. One how do I stop it from being such a pig! ha ha. No really it uses way toooo much memory, how do I stop this thing from being so piggy?

Also how do I change the config so that it won't scan outgoing emails only incoming? I ask because one of my services on my server is opt-in mailings and to send it out when clamd scans all outgoing is freezing my server because of the number of emails. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on this subject.


Posted: 2010/02/03 14:33:17
by gerald_clark
You are paying for support from cpanel.
Cpanel changes too many things to have it supported here.
Anything we tell you may break it.

Re: ClamD

Posted: 2010/02/03 14:45:43
by jfreak53
Well that's fine but cPanel comes from my provider of servers I don't pay for it. Also clamd has really nothing to do with cpanel it has the same config that regular clamd has that you download from their site. So nothing is cpanel based other than the install and the init.d files are in the cpanel dir instead of their regular dir.