libpq4 issues during PHP5 Upgrade

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libpq4 issues during PHP5 Upgrade

Post by pendal » 2009/02/27 16:53:02

I'm trying to upgrade PHP to 5.1.6 on our centos 4.7 box.

I enabled the centosplus repo in both YUM and up2date.

I keep getting libpq4 errors when trying to update.
php-pgsql 5.1.6-3.el4s1.10 requires

What is weird is that is from postgres 7.x (if i remember correctly).
we are running postgres 8.2.6 on this machine.

so if anything should it not be asking for the dep

is there anyway to force this besides reinstalling postgres?

i could try an --nodeps install, but would that actually work??

any ideas would be great.


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