decompress multiple rar files

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decompress multiple rar files

Post by lnthai2002 » 2005/12/16 20:10:32

I download some movies from the internet in the form of a bunch of rar files(movie.r01,movie.r02.. or movie.part01.rar...). In Windows, i can use winrar on one file and the other rar files are automatically decompressed and merged into one avi file. However, i dont know how to deal with multiple rar files on linux with tar. So if anyone know how to decompress multiple rar files on linux, please help!

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decompress multiple rar files

Post by dtfinch » 2005/12/17 07:44:24

I installed a package called unrar for doing this. It's a command line utility. I think I got it from Dag's repository.

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Re: decompress multiple rar files

Post by rockworldmi » 2010/03/10 18:05:20

use "Xarchiver" or "p7z" from 7z and u can also use winrar with wine ....

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Re: decompress multiple rar files

Post by vanessagarcia1 » 2010/05/10 04:40:40

I recently downloaded 24 files that have been split into multiple rar files. Each of the 24 files began with x.rar and ended at x.r24 with x being a number between 1 and 24. I did not want to right-click all 24 files one by one and select Extract Here from the menu because this meant a lot of work.I also find for same and I will try above option hope it helps me to solve out my problem .

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Re: decompress multiple rar files

Post by scottro » 2010/05/10 12:51:59

As was said, it's the unrar package that you want. The command would be unrar e /whatever01.rar

That should extract the whole set. (That's assuming that 01.rar is the first--if it's 00.rar as the lowest number, use that.)

Sometimes, there will be the 01, 02 and so on, but also another file without a number, such as whatever.rar. If that's the case, use that as the target,

unrar e /whatever.rar

Note that you do not put a dash in front of the e. (I think in later versions, this might have changed, but in CentOS, it's still the case.) unrar e was not a typo--don't use unrar -e, or you'll get a message about unknown option or the like.

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