how to run no-ip update client at boot?

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how to run no-ip update client at boot?

Post by lnthai2002 » 2005/12/15 17:50:40

I have compiled and installed no-ip client but i need it to be run automatically when i boot my computer. Does anyone know how?

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how to run no-ip update client at boot?

Post by w5set » 2005/12/16 00:30:22

well you could add it to the /etc/rc.local file under whatever--if anything is there
whatever is there will be run after everything else (almost) has run and setup.
kind of like
cd /path_to_no-ip_client; ./no-ip.whatever (or whatever the name of the client is)
this should put the computer into the client directory and then execute it--but for that particular little program to be effective you
should run it as a cron job also every few hours so it will keep the dyndns or whoever up to date with your new IP if ya get one from your ISP.
man cron
man crontab
even easier if ya use KDE is hit the start button--system tools--task scheduler and set it up there..(under root probably)

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