How to maintain software system

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How to maintain software system

Post by lnthai2002 » 2005/12/06 14:47:52

I am a newbie in Linux world. I have used fedora and gentoo for a few months and as far as i know, the rpm software manager in fedora can not clean up the orphan packages (dependent packages that are left when the main applications are removed). Thus, i usually end up having lots of garbage packages in my system. So, before i install centOS, i want to know if the package manager in centOS(properly rpm too) has ability to keep the system clean as portage of gentoo has with

emerge --depclean

I was motivated to used CentOS by my uncle since he said it is a clone of RH Enterprise which is widely used in business. So i just want to know if it is really better than fedora.

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How to maintain software system

Post by hordjr » 2005/12/07 19:51:03
See if 4.3 is what you're looking for.

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