Volume control problem on Dell GX400

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Volume control problem on Dell GX400

Post by rje_nc » 2005/06/24 15:50:27

I recently installed CentOS v4.1 on a Dell GX400 at work. At first I was having problems getting sound to work on this system but after going into the Volume Control application under Sound and Video and turning everything on, I was able to get sound working on the desktop and with XMMS.

I noticed that the sound applet on the status bar did not affect the sound volume at all. After futher checkiing I discovered that the Headphone slider bar, not the Master (and not the Volume control applet) actually are controlling volume to my speakers! The PCM slide bar also appears to control volume the same way the Headphones slider does.

I have verified that my speakers are correctly plugged in to the PC.

The PC is a Dell GX400, Bios version A05, 768 MB RAM. All available CentOS updates are installed. The model reported by the Soundcard Detection program is "Corporation 82810BA/BAM AC'97 Audio" and the module reported is "snd-intel8x0".

It appears that somthing is mapped wrong to the sound outputs. Is there anything I can change here? Sound is working, but I would like to get it right if possible.



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