installing postgresql in centos 4

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installing postgresql in centos 4

Post by moorman » 2005/06/18 17:46:29

i am trying to install postgresql 8.0.3 in centos4 but having some problems.
When i run the ./configure it gives error "no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH".
also, it does not find a c compiler and gcc compiler too.
i am not sure if i did a complete installation of centos 4...if it is included then i am not sure where to look for it.
any ideas?

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installing postgresql in centos 4

Post by dsegall » 2005/06/22 14:36:06

Have you tried installing the RPM's rather than source?
yum install postgresql

sorry. just noticed you said 8.x. You could try to install the packages from the fedora development repo.

To check your compiler just type: cc it should return something like:

root@ns1 ~>cc
cc: no input files

If it doesn't, gcc isn't installed. yum install gcc

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