Port 783 conflict?

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Port 783 conflict?

Post by rbauer » 2005/06/03 20:05:06

On a fresh install of Centos 4, I discovered that after starting the NFS service, spamassassin would not start. Spamassassin gave an error that the address was already in use. I ran netstat -lnp which revealed that rpc.rquotad was listening on port 783, the same one that spamd wants to use. Not sure if this is a bug or something I goofed up during the install. Can anyone else confirm the same behavior?

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Port 783 conflict?

Post by hughesjr » 2005/06/04 20:16:34

I can confirm that the default spamd port is 783. You can edit the file:


and set the default line:

[b]SPAMDOPTIONS="-d -c -m5 -H"[/b]


[b]SPAMDOPTIONS="-d -c -m5 -H -p999"[/b]

to have it start on a different port.

You would also need to specify the same port in spamc, if you use it.

Rather than changing spamd ... you might try the below advice.

I believe that rquotad picks a random port ... so restarting it should make it not start on port 783 as well.

If you add this to your [b]/etc/services[/b], then things won't (shouldn't :) try to start on port 783:

[code]spamd 783/tcp spamassassin #spamassassin
spamd 783/udp spamassassin #spamassassin[/code]

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