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apt/Synaptic configuration

Posted: 2005/05/27 17:53:42
by alfonsocozza
I'm an Italian CentOS user and I would like to use this repository with apt for os and updates:

which contains:

[DIR] RPMS.addons/ 15-Mai-2005 20:01 -
[DIR] RPMS.centosplus/ 17-Mai-2005 02:14 -
[DIR] RPMS.contrib/ 15-Mai-2005 20:01 -
[DIR] RPMS.extras/ 15-Mai-2005 22:48 -
[DIR] RPMS.os/ 15-Mai-2005 20:02 -
[DIR] RPMS.updates/ 26-Mai-2005 17:29 -
[DIR] SRPMS.addons/ 15-Mai-2005 20:01 -
[DIR] SRPMS.centosplus/ 17-Mai-2005 02:15 -
[DIR] SRPMS.contrib/ 15-Mai-2005 20:01 -
[DIR] SRPMS.extras/ 15-Mai-2005 22:50 -
[DIR] SRPMS.os/ 15-Mai-2005 20:02 -
[DIR] SRPMS.updates/ 26-Mai-2005 17:24 -
[DIR] base/

So I added these lines to /etc/apt/sources.list :

rpm /pub/linux/centos/4.0/apt/i386/ os updates
rpm-src /pub/linux/centos/4.0/apt/i386/ os updates

But ... when I start Synaptic an error message appears saying "Malformed line 12 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (Absolute dist)". Line 12 is the first line wich I've added.
Where I did wrong?

Thank You!!

Re: apt/Synaptic configuration

Posted: 2005/05/28 08:52:04
by nevat
Try with

rpm os updates

Re: apt/Synaptic configuration

Posted: 2005/06/03 12:26:22
by alfonsocozza
I've found the problem: apt/Synaptic doesn't like the final slash.
Symply removing that solved the problem.
I was thinking about the words "absolute distro" in the error message ...

This entry is wrong:
rpm /pub/linux/centos/4.0/apt/i386/ os updates

this is correct:
rpm /pub/linux/centos/4.0/apt/i386 os updates

Thank you X for the reply, however!

Bye, Alf.