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Java Server

Posted: 2005/05/25 17:18:27
by nirvdrum

I was hoping to make my server running CentOS 4 a Java server. I installed the JDK RPM from Sun's site to overcome gcj's limitations, changed a few symlinks in /etc/alternatives, and modified a few settings in /etc/java/java.conf. Is there anything else that needs to be done to replace gcj?

Also, I'm finding the official CentOS mirrors lack RPMs for many Java-related tools. For example, there is no RPM for Apache's Ant tool. Obviously, I'd rather not install all of these items manually. Has anyone else out there run into this? Do you know of a good mirror to use?


Re: Java Server

Posted: 2005/05/25 18:47:16
by thepoch
I'd say look at It has a lot (all?) of java packages you'd probably need or want. Of course you'd use the redhat-el-4.0 packages.

Good luck.

Re: Java Server

Posted: 2005/05/25 22:34:13
by nirvdrum
This is working great. Thanks a lot for the help. Perhaps this should be added to the FAQ or something . . .