phpMyAdmin 2.6.2-pl1 - CentOS 4.0 RPM.. Location?

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phpMyAdmin 2.6.2-pl1 - CentOS 4.0 RPM.. Location?

Post by SharedMedia » 2005/05/23 19:39:06

CentOS Fans...

phpMyAdmin 2.62-pl1 has been released (, I was wondering if CentOS users had a stable RPM to use. Reason I ask is that I am fairly new to CentOS (RHEL), but familiar with Linux Redhat as I have been introduced a long time ago with RH7.0 :). I have searched and read alot of Posts within this forum and I must say... CentOS ROCKS! Because I could never get a hold of RHEL ISOs properly. So I am PROUD to say... My LINUX server has had an Upgrade from MITEL SME 6.0 to CentOS 4.0! And my server could not BE HAPPIER!!!

My projects are now under way, I plan on serving up some resources for my web guests, and if you could help out with some of these items by providing information or links that I may have missed over the years... that would be GREAT!

1) Setup and IRCd (own network via DNS, no effnet or dalnet server connections) What package to use? Hmmm
2) Perhaps a JabberD server with custom client..
3) Setup and Install MAMBOSERVER ( thats easy :))

If you have any IRCd or JabberD Links n Info, please post them.. I'd be very interestsed on reading what other CentOS Users are using.....

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