MySQL 4.1.10a seems to be broken

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MySQL 4.1.10a seems to be broken

Post by baranov » 2005/05/13 13:33:31

I have installed CentOS 4 x86_64 and found some queries returned incorrect results.
(The same query returned correct results without an index created on a table, and wrong results after
index creation).

I do not go into the details here, because it seems MySQL-only issue; the problem is that
currently CentOS includes an apparently buggy version in the distributiton.

Problems were gone after manual installation of 4.1.11 release from site.

From yum info output:

Installed Packages
Name : mysql
Arch : x86_64
Version: 4.1.10a
Release: 1.RHEL4.1
Size : 5.8 M
Repo : installed
Summary: MySQL client programs and shared library.

Yuri Baranov [baranovuatgmaildotcom]

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MySQL 4.1.10a seems to be broken

Post by z00dax » 2005/05/14 16:58:24

could you file a bug for this info at

we' can then track it there and if there is a problem, try to get it fixed.


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